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 Evidence that Jesus is the Son of God
I have used the opportunity of the year 2000 after the birth of Christ to write a tract to convey that there is indeed strong evidence that Jesus from Nazareth is the Christ and the unique Son of God.

I will challenge you who are not a Christian believer, to consider the evidence concerning the person of Jesus from Nazareth and if convinced that he is the unique Son of God, to acknowledge Him as your Lord. With the tract I have written, I have meant to offer some help to become aware of the strong biblical evidence for Jesus being the unique Son of God. I have tried to write the tract in such a way that it should not presuppose any Christian knowledge, neither any belief in a personal God as the creator of our world.

You who confess to be a Christian, I will ask to consider the same biblical evidence to perceive that our belief in Jesus as Lord and the unique Son of God is on an absolutely firm ground, and that therefore it is not possible otherwise than to conduct our lives in absolute allegiance and obedience to him.

I want to convey that what we have in the New Testament is in no way anything like a fairy tale, but eyewitnesses conveying the Majesty of Jesus. I do believe that the apostles (and the other authors of the scriptures of the New Testament) in the power of the Holy Spirit have written so that we may perceive the immense impression of the real life of Jesus Christ on this earth:

“We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.” (1 Joh 1:3)

I myself have been a conscious believer on Jesus as the Son of God and my Lord and Saviour since I was a little boy. Though, now as a more than fifty year old man, I realise that I only the last few years have started to comprehend that it is real that God has been revealed in flesh by his only Son Jesus Christ. The tract is partly written because I want to share with other Christians, the belief that the New Testament writers convey an immense impression and nearness of the real life of our Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. I do believe Christians in the time of the apostles and a few generations afterwards had this impression govern their lives. I also do believe we, by realising the same reality and nearness of the life of Jesus Christ in the New Testament writings, may have the same immense impression govern our lives.

 Knut Arne Strand 

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